Root Canals & Dental Surgeries

Root Canals & Dental Surgeries

Howe Sound Dental Group has made a commitment to provide gentle and professional dental care. When working on your smile, our dentists considers what anaesthesia is best for your procedure. All our dentists are well educated in root canal therapy as well as extractions and other oral surgery procedures.

Dental Sedation

For some individuals going to the dentist can be a stressful event, to the point where he/she may forgo dental treatment. For these individuals, our dentists may recommend sedation dentistry. Oral sedation comes in the form of anti-anxiety pills (also known as “happy pills”) which is a form of conscious sedation. Oral sedation dentistry is performed in our office to help provide a more relaxed and comfortable appointment.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is the process of removing infected, injured or dead pulp from your tooth. A successful root canal treatment lets you keep the tooth rather than having to pull it out. Keeping your tooth helps to prevent your other teeth from drifting out of line and causing jaw problems. Saving a natural tooth avoids having to replace it with an artificial tooth. As your root canal dentist, our dentists will make you feel comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

Teeth Extractions

Extractions are performed for a wide variety of reasons, including decay that has destroyed enough tooth structure to render the tooth non-restorable. Extractions of impacted or problematic wisdom teeth are routinely performed, as are extractions of some permanent teeth to make space for orthodontics.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Whether it is a straight wisdom teeth extraction or dental surgery to remove impeding bone and tissue, every hygienic precaution and freezing requirements will be administered to keep your mouth healthy and comfortable.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial root made of titanium metal. It is inserted into the jawbone to replace the root of the natural tooth. The implant acts as an anchor to hold a lab fabricated crown in place. Dental implant is an alternative to bridges, partials or complete dentures. Dental implants are comfortable and look like natural teeth. In most situations, dental implant is the ideal treatment option to replacing missing teeth. Losing a tooth can be devastating, not only because it affects the way you look, but also because it can lead to other physical problems that may affect your health and prevent you from smiling with confidence. It is vitally important to replace missing teeth with dental implants promptly in order to prevent health consequences such as:
  • Bone loss
  • Shifting and drifting of the teeth
  • Alteration in the bite as a result of shifting teeth
  • Jaw joint problems
  • Difficulty in chewing properly
  • Additional stress on the remaining teeth

Gum Grafting

Gingival graft is a surgical periodontal procedure whose aim is to cover an area of exposed tooth root surface with grafted oral tissue. The covering of exposed root surfaces accomplishes a number of objectives: the prevention of further root exposure, decreased or eliminated sensitivity, decreased susceptibility to root caries and improved cosmetic.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a surgical periodontal procedure whose aim is to expose a greater amount of tooth structure for the purpose of subsequently restoring the tooth.